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My boyfriend has been resting all day.

And now he’s asleep

And I’m not sleeping…

The soda high is gonna wear off soon enough.

I don’t want it to though.

I gotta skip lunch to clean my room and the bathroom.

I’m going to wal-mart to get a mop.

I don’t care enough to include my roommate in anything I do.

I don’t like her, her friends, or her apish boyfriend.

I really don’t give a shit…

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Because of ThemWe Can: HBCUs.

The single most adorable post I have ever seen:3

I hope my little cousins go to one :)

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The Latest Double-Standard


Female version of a product is created

Tumblr: This is disgusting, why do they think women aren’t good enough to use the standard product? Why must we always paint men as the norm and women as other, when we should be equal? Stop forcing us in this restrictive box of…

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I’m tired.
A is exhausted.
Everybody in SBI is getting there.
So much work.
Not enough hours in the day.
Sleep is vital but work is important.
I’m in a relationship. It’s only been two weeks but it feels longer.
Like we naturally blend together and our emotions and mindsets are in sync.
I don’t want to go to the cafe alone. There’s something lonely about eating dinner late.
Everybody from band and sports come around that time…
A is skipping practice to rest. Idk about Twin though. He looked like shit too.
Everybody is looking like shit right now…
Poor poor college life. It sucks balls but we’ve gotra do what we gotta do…

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1. If you are not willing to take a girl out, you do not deserve her. It has nothing to do with you paying for her, but if your idea of a first date is hanging at her place, you are a loser. I’m not talking about those who are already close friends and have an emotionally intimate relationship….

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Jegus Cripes…

I can’t tell if my roommate is singing or getting in. I know her bf is in there. I ain’t saying shit to them. I really don’t want to be friends with her. I haven’t tried at all.
My parents want me to interact with her but I have no intention of engaging in conversation with her.
Plus I have a problem with her braid bun (which has now been dismantled with my scissors). Actually I have a problem with girls with braid buns for some reason…

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Cancer: The Crab — Why You’ll Love Them & Why They’ll Annoy You


Cancer: The Crab — Why You’ll Love Them & Why They’ll Annoy You

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I don’t even know why the fuck I even go to bed.

Sleep is for the weak at this point and I’m not weak.

I’m just behind in my deadlines…

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Leos Be Like….


Sorry Raseem but you asked for it….